Southeast Asia
An evolving care system for south east-asia
EVO-CARE is an evolving care system composed of two parts:
IM (Infrastructural Module) that provides structural support and service connection
MM (Medical Module) provides medical treatment
the IM is conceived to remain in the place of construction
the MM is the mobile object, prefabricated, easily assembled, disassembled and transported in a reduced volume
EVO-CARE emphasizes the concept of an evolving system according to the functional programme
the infrastructural and medical modules evolve their features depending on the type of health service and can be easily expanded or multiplied; the system evolves also from the point of view of the technology, as the components’ performance can be set according to the requirements
typology open competition
location south east-asia
chronology 2014
client buildingtrustinternational
in collaboration with roberto bologna, daniel fèlix