Cool School

Khovd, Mongolia
Design for an extreme climate
the project combines traditional technologies with new necessities
an easy design was conceived to simplify the construction phases: roof design is a tribute to local culture; biggest windows are placed in south elevation to maximize sunlight heat capture; smallest windows are placed on the other sides to reduce thermal bridge and to guarantee inner ventilation; bathrooms are near entrance to serve also the existing school
sheep’s wool is a high standard thermic performance material; due to its local availability , it is one of the cheapest insulating material in Mongolia; wooden technology is part of Mongolian building construction tradition, more than 60% of constructions in Mongolia has a wood structure; earthen bricks are used because of its eco-compatibility, easy availability and easy production.
typology  open competition
location khovd, mongolia
chronology 2015
client buildign trust international & municipality of khovd
in collaboration with roberto bologna, lorenzo fecchio, simone fontana